Aceto Balsamico Botanico Gold Seal 100 ml

Aceto Balsamico Gold Seal er lagret i 10 år på mindre fat av Eik, Kastanje, Kirsbærtre og Ask- noe som gir denne Balsamicoen en konsentrert konsistens med sødmefull og komplex armoma.

NOK289,00 inkl. mva.


 Impenetrable, between mahogany and ebony.

 The long stay in barrels has left its mark in the bouquet, complemented with hints of caramel, dried fruit, raisin and honey.

 Viscous, superconcentrated, with big intensity and depth. Persistent, discreet, sweet finish.

Lightly drizzle on vanilla ice cream or panacotta. A few drops will transform a grilled fillet steak, risotos or mature cheeses.

The must from selected white grapes from Drama yields concentrated grape must and wine vinegar which are blended and aged in batteries of small barrels. The ageing lasts 10 years and passing through different barrel sizes (50 to 3 litters) and different types of wood (Oak, Chestnut, Cherry tree and Ash) results in a very concentrated and aromatically complex vinegar that can literally transform any dish be it simple or complex.